Our discussion group is for anyone interested in theatre, dance, music, painting, sculpture , cinema or other related topics. It is hosted by Google Groups.

Group members participate in the discussion in either of these two ways:

1) by Email:

Send and receive forum messages by email

2) On the Web:
Read and post messages on the Google forum

In any case, you need to register by simply filling up your Email address below


FAQ:  Why you should register

  1. Firstly because there is no harm its FREE and you have complete control on your membership with numerous options to ensure the extent of privacy you require, besides, you can always unsubscribe (see below)
  2. You will be updated on all the articles being published in the Emag: and messages being posted by members in the FORUM
  3.  It will enrich your life and you will be in touch with the latest developments in the field of Entertainment both as a professional and as an audience member
  4. Your group will be entitled for listing on the web site thus increasing your visibility and approachability to the international community
  5. At a later stage if listing of professionals (such as Actors, Directors, Designers) is introduced previously registered members will be given priority in case of free listing and concession in case of paid listing
  6. You can inform others about your forthcoming shows or be informed about others
  7. You can always get a feed back about available rehearsal space and auditoria or any other information about cost of materials costumes etc
  8. You can submit your own articles, stories, poems for publishing.
  9. You can post your technical questions and get help from fellow members.

Important Note: None of the above offers are guaranteed. It is subject to availability of web space, funds and approval of the Editor or his representative. Other conditions may apply. You will also be governed by Google Groups' terms of service.

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To unsubscribe:

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  3. Click "Edit my membership."



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