Global Warming

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Harshita Keswani


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There is nothing stronger than the desire of necessity. It is human nature to be dissatisfied with whatever one has. With each rising sun we head towards growing technology and rapid globalization. But what is globalization without a globe? Aren’t we experimenting with our own home-“EARTH”? The planet is warmed and human activities have a great contribution to it. In a long run we are all dead.

It is a matter of serious concern to wrap a blanket around our planet and protect it. When we use technology - whatever may it be, we are unknowingly contributing to the quantum of greenhouse gases in the air. This has lead to climate change on the entire blue planet. Since climate change is a long-term phenomenon, it is hard to accept that man could easily manipulate it. So we must win the battle of climate change or we will perish.

When we started our journey of mankind we probably never thought that we would end up here and even now, at this hour if we don’t bother to do so then imagine the hell we will land on. Are we so cavalier that the merciful thought of the coming generation doesn’t even strike our minds for even a second? Ironically, we are being too loyal to them by giving them the gift of technology. In nature there are neither rewards nor punishments-there are only consequences. This metamorphosis of the earth has caused such a menace to mankind that the survival of the next few generations is a big question.

 Every day we open the newspaper to discover something new and highly scandalizing about the globe. We are already aware of the appalling fact that the ice caps are melting resulting in the rise of sea level. Rainfall and rising sea level cannot keep pace with the rate of evaporation. It is alarming to read that future studies examine the extent to which circulation changes and glaciers are critical indicators of it. The most significant consequence of global warming is the increase in frequency of extreme precipitation resulting in warmer temperature. The conceivable effects of global warming are wide ranging and possibly severe. Technology is to be blamed for this because we have never given a thought to simple life. But all the above is futile without our existence.

We have not inherited this world from our forefathers rather we have borrowed it from our children. If we pledge to lead a life of simplicity, close to nature then the quandary is solved. Nature is not a temple but rather a workplace and man is the workman in it. He can either preserve it or destroy it. To take up the responsibility on our shoulders by using eco-buddy products like paper bags and eco-friendly refrigerators, recycling of metals and plastic wouldn’t harm and will solve the problem to a great extent. It is high time and the globe is warning us about global warming. Now, it is common sense to do something to avert global warming.  This is not a theatre where we can sit as audience and watch the play, we need to be actors on the stage. After all, we are experimenting with the entire planet and this is where we live.


Harshita Keswani





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