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Ute Margaret Saine




Love, word on my lips

love, word on my lips

had fallen asleep crying

you kissed it awake


be there like the sky

like one earth and many stars

and let me move you


open sea, open

your eyes, wide windows, wide doors

till we float on light


requiebros quiebran

mis sentidos abiertos

tiemblan al verte


awake in the night

we swim with starfish and stars

toward the morning light


eyes tear, voices sigh

as we swim and sail in a

sea of each other


lights in the waters

clouds drifting under bridges

inside me your eyes


in the dream gardens

by wind, sun, clouds and the sea

they found us kissing

The 'We’ Haikus


we are like nothing

I have ever known, you’ve come

to me like a dream


we call our hunger

we call up this immense thirst

to quench each other


we toss together

your madness and my madness

the fun house of smiles


we pass our desires

like a contagious disease

with shivers and sighs


we are a small skiff

floating on waters of desire

hold on to your hat


we run through the springs

play in the fountains of love

wet, wet and laughing


we make things happen

we mirror lights and light stars

in stellar lagoons


we kiss, our words slide

directly from tongue to tongue

glide straight to our hearts


The 'You and I’ Haikus

your star is alive

blinking on my horizon

I stretch and crave it


I lose my balance

I hold on to your body

embracing we dance


your hands are like roots

of roses, reach deep inside

the earth my body


I feel like the earth

your hands caress the body

till it heaves with life


you are like nothing

I have ever known, you’ve come

to me like a dream



As Stories Come New


Sounds float on water

images reflect

drift and surge


into a story that builds and crumbles

voices in languorous dissolve

arpeggios ripple in small waves

dovetailing diminutive clumps

a story that forms in a whirlpool

grows into a large sweep

a vortex of waves

pushing into surrounding waters


Waves that curl and twist

then blend and rest

to sleep until the breeze

lifts them like shivering skin

a tender story anew to begin


gently melody

rising and falling cadence

me and the sea

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