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Poet Soulfree




After you my master, after you
At last!
My weary eyes, dusty and tearful
You have come at last
( I am blessed)
Do you sparkle or do they rejoice
They know not
They know not
The foolish duo-
My aching ears
They fill
With the quietude of thine infinity
And thine cosmic notes-
My heart pierced
By the nectar of thine love, heaves
A childlike relief-
And I the trinity myself
Creating, preserving, destroying
All that was, that is and that shall remain
Of infinity.


Soul free


A passing body alone?
A form carved into stone?
Am I then just breath’n no bod?
Or is it a peapod enclosing the infinite one?

O! I am the wind that walking teases the branch,
The branch that growing nests the raven
The raven that flying drinks from the river
The river that flowing yearns for the oceans
The oceans that quivering toss the vessel
The vessel that navigating the waters takes away the young
Sailor for his duty

O! I am then the lass who pines for the sailor
‘n the teardrop from the lass’s
eye that quietly steals away
the salt that resides in the teardrop
‘n also the rock that breaks to yield
that taste of salt- I am;

O! ‘n I am the rock on which the gull perches
The gull that flies this land’n that land
The land that grows all wheat and all rye
The wheat that men eat when they dig trenches for war
I am also the trench which becomes the coffin of those men
I am the coffin from rosewood that was made
‘n also the old millionaire in the coffin who was laid.

Now the young millionaire I am, also a beggar,
Who has all yet hungers for love
O! I am that beggar in whose heart an ocean tosses
Yet no one stops to look
For my face is ugly, bears crosses-
O! for I am also those crosses on the old man’s face
As much as every emotion passing that left its trace on sun burnt skin,
The skin of an alligator I am-
As much rough and as tough’n also the skin of an infant born new;
I am the bark of an old tree peeling;
I am a Moslem towards Mecca kneeling while standing on the shores of Ganga;
And I am Ganga-
I am the one who plays with the tresses of the one who eternally mediatates
‘n the smile on his face is because of me
I tease him to wake him but he sits quietly- and I flow-
I am also that quiet-the soundless sound which none hears

                       – a quiet that fills the cosmos and beyond

O! I am the highland dew and the marshland frog, the desert sand and the artic land
O! I am all that you see
I am within all and all within me
I am thee whose eyes on these lines bend
I am thee whose ears these notes hear
I am thee whose soul nothing fears
And loves all…

Soulfree 18th Feb 2000



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