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Ojaswini Trivedi


Image: Heal Your Life Forever 


The Innocence Butcher


The inglorious channels to the chosen by men

Claiming the eminent responsibility bestowed upon them

Like a ripple in her flawless life

Demeaned her soul to the very insight

With inhumane attempts and a

Sense of ownership they commit the heinous crime

Lying bare in a pool of blood

Screaming for help

She decides to commit suicide

Here the brave and the mighty

An heir to the mankind proves his potency yet again

As he seeked his revenge from the innocent girl

Who became a victim of unrequited love

Crestfallen her family goes to the authorities

They laugh their demonish laughs

Questioning the girl’s character

Appeasing must’ve been her nature

Redolent clothes she would’ve worn

That provoked the accused..

Scornfully they asked

“Was she a lady of the night”

Eyeing the victim’s mother

Who had a teary gaze

“leave her here tonight..we’ll see”

Never had they fathom, what they faced today

Vulgarity in their tone,

Truth superseded by inquity

The unabashed hero reliving his crusade

Mesmerized by her beauty

Thrived for her attention

Wrote letters in his blood

Woke her up in the face of the darkness to worthless cries

became her shadow even in the night

His fatal obsession at the risk of her life

her desperate attempts to get rid of the dubious fanatic

hurt his ego immensely

“he lost to a woman”

A petty weak woman

His breathtaking features dint seem to woo her

Then he devised a plan to mend his heart

To teach her a lesson

This is when the chronology of events occurred

One night when she was alone….

Now, content with his deed

Assuaged by his need

His wrath was put to rest

The man inside him resurrected

As she hung herself,

On a branch that housed a nest

Her dreams unattended

Never being able to open the doors to opportunities

As it all got burnt with the funeral pyre

On storm wretched her life..only because she said no.

Devastated by the loss of their daughter

The family moved out of the village

Their house was burned for

Defaming the masochistic man

Manfully he avenged for his humiliation

His satanic amusement shivered the walls

Broke the deafening silence saying..

“they could’ve lent her to me for a night

At least she wouldn't have died..

My condolescence for her death”

And he continued to smoke his cigarette

Here ends the woeful ballad of the woman

Whose melancholy died with time

The family weeps into silent emptiness

The restless soul continues to wanders for justice

Ain’t a story of a single woman

But a revelation of the massive crowd

Who are still afraid of the dark

Bestowed upon them

As the “man” continues to prove

His ownership & thus calling it

The “Mankind”.



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Editor: Manohar Khushalani

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