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Ojaswini Trivedi




Black Rose


Emotions as sharp as pain

Happiness and care mixed in vain

Scars and bruises part of life

Fingers and throat slit with a knife

As I walk limping myself forward

Remembering the screams, abuses and yells

At the time of our wedding bells

The first night was beautiful

With candles and light

And delicious scented flowers

Brought my handsome knight

I stood at the doorway see him come

He whispers a melancholy strain

Somewhat a hum

I see his glistening eyes teasing me

As he walks, step by step

Towards the raging lust inside my head

I fix my hair, chap my lips

Take a swig and my sadness slips

Pain forgotten dark and gone

Feels like the new me is born.

Oh! That was our night

When in my life there was some light

Tears roll down my cheeks

Thinking about those painful memories

My knight, my sweet love has changed drastically

I scream out to the world emphatically

Turned into an animal or a hound

My soul is yet to be found

Lost in the stories or fairy tales

Which I wrote on small black slates

I hide myself in a corner

Protecting my body which was burnt former

Boils, burns, blood clots and wounds

Are a daily doses for my noons

27 years burnt in ash

Well, this is where our personality clash

Love for me is something felt

Love for you is lust which is often dealt

You grab my arms and shake me hard

And throw me towards a mirror

The glass shatters into tiny bitters

I see my reflection in it

Beautiful face as it used to be

Has become a woman I was scared to be

Sluttish hair, disfigured face, torn sleeves

Other description piled in heaves

All of a sudden we are attacked by silence

Probably the result of your excessive violence

That now I am weak and mute

My heart started racing as it did the first time I met you

Jasmines, lilies, sunkissed air and slight loo

You chase me in the bushes with the fading sun

Falling, laughing, loving, having fun

Your aroma made me fly

That even sky was too low to be high

The heat of our bodies keeping us warm

So I lie with my slit wrist and bleeding love

Thinking that love is blind

Pricked by the thorns, tricked by the minds

I wanted to be your’s forever

To whom I could say we would part never

As you were my knight on a white horse

Now, its all over

All that remains is you, me and pain

As I get ready to surrender my soul

I take a last glance of you,

Of your beauty

And as my eyes close, heart slows

I hear your voice,

humming the tune, you sang to put me to sleep


I perish…with a broken smile


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Editor: Manohar Khushalani

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