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Indah Widiastuti

Photo: Indah Widiastuti  



Warm Spring Drizzle

Warm spring drizzle
Behind many meditative postures,
while chasing up the chilly mountain peaks,
while hitting the air of scattered fog,
sealing ears against noise,
plastering mind with absence
and ignorance,
I had been endlessly searching
for peace in silence
After all....
What I got was nothing more
than the longing for a voice.
Only that day......
We stood, wet and nude.
neither did we kiss, hug
nor say anything...
We were savouring the scent
sent by eyes to each others' ears,
the sound of intimacy,
the sound of privacy
the sound of the hissing pee
we streamed on each others' thighs.

The melody
of the drizzling warm spring,
melted into love rain,
under the shower.

Love Poems

A wooing scent...
drifts from autumn
to dissolve the flight of leaves
into winter mist..
The decayed and the frozen preserve the lies
of mortal bodies who struggle ...to live forever.
while the pale translucent sky hides
the scent of evergreen till
the next spring sprouts words.

Poems stand on their words
love has been
always standing alone.

A landscape

A time-line dissolves
fades with the glide of hand
caressing a face,

the undulating cheek down to nape
the soft cupped shoulder
down to waist
moustache of frozen drizzles
with monsoon kisses.

A comforting view of
hugging horizon,
A landscape where I live.

where I promise you a little girl
who keeps skipping around
and rolling on the grassland of your bosom

with her teddy bear.
And the dream of a magic tree
with its evergreen foliage
like the thick beard you promised to grow.


Water drips slowly from the tap
the tub is draining off..

I am still sitting here,
having myself dissolved
slowly to disappear …
He has been drained off
down the sewage
a moment back
along with the water
and the scent of magical purification
we used to celebrate

The bathroom is quiet, now....

… and I begin to cry again…






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