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Akbar Khan

Photo: Indah Widiastuti  




The dimming of the light makes the picture clearer

Even in the darkness I know my bed is nearer

Here, i had nothing to hide

Because I knew my world began here


I memorized a face so it’s not forgotten

I hear the wind whistling

Come back anytime

And we’ll mix our lives together


Heaven knows what keeps me coming back here

Is it the smell?

Or just my love for the chairs and tables that connects me to this place all my life I have known?


Tiny little lights illuminate the skyline at sunset

I take a sip from my glass

And into my head comes flowing familiar smells and flavors

Vehicles are stuck on the plains of heaven

I see their wheels spinning round

And everywhere I can hear those people saying

Welcome back, we never forget you while we are praying


I am here and am connected to every living soul

And still have compassion for those I’ll never know


This is my home – where the wheels are turning

Home – where I keep returning

Home – where my world is breaking in two

Home – where the neighbors are fighting

Home – always so exciting

Home – where my parents are always telling the truth

Home – such a funny feeling

Home – where I am always resting

Home – where my brothers are noise creating

Home – will always protect me


This is my home – will infect whatever I do

I am home where I come to life from out of the blue.



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