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Sonnet Mondal




An Familiar Eve with a Stranger
Snapshots slide over my curtains
Face to body to toes
Face again and smirk...
Searching them wildly
a painter in costume sits musing
clicks a button and a relation starts
out of hot fumes of coffee in hand.
Obvious words paint the chatroom
Image gets fixed in mind...
Easily fixed as a nut to words
and works.
Words flowing out of lips get stuck
in heart, too silly to pull them off
thin-skinned to pat them.
Stranger brings in a strange eve,
claptrap flares in senses
without a word being penned
still we clutch like falling roots from banyan
and soil beneath,
hanging long and whirling in air
to touch in nights without eyes.
A friend? admirer? Lover?
She is just a new arrival,
Playing in my mind, fusing
music of pebbles, clatter of birds
in an eve hung on my walls
to decipher mysteries of life and fondness.
Smile and peace are enough reasons to be hers
In this eve without birds, without stars.
We are selfish
The tune from you become one with our veins
Flows as rivers into the ocean and then...
We clanger the darkness as blue.
We strive to find you in pictures,
Through your songs and designs
Through recordings like fools without
Knowing that you have forgotten us.
Wherever you may be, dancing in paradise
Or smiling as an toddler in a motherís lap,
You havenít remembered us and we too havenít,
For we adorn pictures and memorize you
In your creations without trying to seek for
The infant in the form which you have come again
For then you may hold the sovereignty again.
We never loved you but just the things you did
We are selfish and you were late to grasp it
For now we will sever your name to earn fame.


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Editor: Manohar Khushalani

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