Moliere's Play

(A Comedy)
Enacted by

Hindustan Times




Khushalani redeems the show

....Mock Doctor presented at the Shri Ram Center was inventive in stage design and very attractive in its main actor - Manohar Khushalani............

The perfect timing and rapport between actors Manohar and P. Mukherji in the sequence suddenly lifted the play and enthused the onlookers.........

But all said and done without Khushalani's superb effort the play would have collapsed

 Kavita Nagpal




National Herald


Adaptation well adapted


Manohar Khushalani as Chander - the main character - was direct clear and played the part effortlessly. His broken-tooth smile  suits very well the character of a country bumpkin who loves the bottle and beats his wife after a bout with Lord Bachhus


Drama Critic

National Herald, 16th August 1980