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India International Centre



Tuesday 30 November


Talk ■ Conference Room - I at 18:30

Health Matters: An Introduction to Homeopathy for Children

Speaker: Dr. Mohammed Qasim, well known homeopath



Talk ■ Annexe Auditorium at 18:30

Music Appreciation Promotion


Hazrat Amir Khusrau and the Tradition of Khanqahi Qawwali

An illustrated presentation by Irfan Zuberi, a cultural consultant with the Aga Khan Trust for Culture


Through recordings of Hazrat Amir Khusrau’s compositions, this talk will introduce the genre of khanqahi qawwali in the Indian subcontinent as a prominent expression of Chishti Sufism


Wednesday 1 – 6 December


Exhibition  Art Gallery (Annexe) 11:00 – 19:00

Returning Lines

Works in metal, terracotta and mixed media; and drawings

By Tridib Bera from Santiniketan


Inauguration by Ms Latha Priyakumar, Member, National Commission for Schedule Caste; and Ms Sajeetha Bharathi, Principal, The Titan School, Hosur on 30 November at 18:30


Wednesday 1


Conference Room – 1 at  18:30

In memory of the late Prof. P. Lal

Well-known poet; essayist; translator; publisher; and calligrapher


Chair: Mr. K. N. Daruwalla


(Collaboration: The Poetry Society, India)


Discussion ■ Conference Room - II at 18:30


Launch of CSD Report: India Social Development Report 2010

The Land Question and the Marginalised

Chief Guest: Shri Mani Shankar Aiyar, MP

Speakers: Prof Bina Agarwal, Director, Institute of Economic Growth; and Prof Zoya Hasan, Professor of Political Science, Centre for Political Studies, JNU




Talk  ■ Annexe Auditorium at 18:30


Spiritual Ecology


Dalliance of Spirituality and Ecology: A Hindu Perspective

Speaker: Acharya Shrivatsa Goswami, Vrindavan

Introduction: Lama Doboom Tulku


Chair: Rabbi Ezekiel Isaac Malekar


(Collaboration: Tibet House)


Friday 3


Discussion ■ Annexe Auditorium  at  18:00

Book Discussion Group


Dr. Bettina Baumer, Indologist and Director, Alice Boner Foundation; Prof. Sharad Deshpande, University of Pune will discuss Aesthetic Theories and Forms in Indian Tradition edited by D. P. Chattopadhyay and Kapila Vatsyayan (New Delhi: PHISPC, 2008)


Chair: Dr. Bhuven Chandel

Film ■ Auditorium at  18:30


Films on Spirituality

The Making of the Mahatma (145 min)

Director: Shyam Benegal


(Collaboration: Foundation for Universal Responsibility for His Holiness the Dalai Lama)

Friday 3 – 10


Exhibition ■ Gandhi-King Plaza 

Human Rights Day


Human Rights Defenders

Exhibition of posters, publications, photographs, and other materials reflecting the role and work of human rights defenders and their support to victims


(Collaboration: United Nations Information Centre)


Saturday 4 & Sunday 5


Festival ■ Auditorium from 9:00 – 21:00

Quotes from the Earth: The Environment Film Festival 2010: For Ecological Citizenship

The festival focuses on different issues, regions, and struggles to give audiences a better chance to understand and engage with environmental issues. Initiating, propagating and absorbing the idea of ‘Eco-Citizens’, the films will throw light essentially through four categories: Earth, Water, Wildlife and Sustainability. Organised in collaboration with Toxics Link


At 9:00

Ecological Reading

Readings from the book, The Secret Abode of Fireflies – Loving and Losing of Nature in the City which aims to inculcate this idea of loving the presence of natural spaces, that one is about to lose rapidly

From 10:00 onwards                                                                                                                                                    

Theme: Earth

The Last Days of Shishmaref (Netherlands; 91 min; English subtitles)                                                                                Director: Jan Louter

The Earth Story (90 Secs; Animation; English)                                                                                                                        Directors: Megha Mathur and Suchi Tripathi

India’s Climate Fever (India; 15 min;  English subtitles)                                                                                                   Director: Arjun Pandey

You Can Only Clap with Two Hands (Introduction, Awareness & Capacity)                                               (Netherlands; 25 min;  English)                                                                                                                                               Director: Jenny Van Houters

Once My Village (India; 3 min; Hindi; English subtitles)                                                                                           Director: Pranab K. Aich

Last Words of a Dying Tree (India; 5 min; English subtitles)                                                                                          Directors: Avinash Kumar Singh & Geeta Singh

Goa Goa Gone (25 min; English with subtitles)                                                                                                                      Director: Kurush Canteenwala

Tears (India; 1.30 min; English subtitles)                                                                                                                                  Director: Rashmi Rajarao

Light of the Night (4 min; English subtitles)                                                                                                                        Director: Metha Mathur

Diamonds and Rust (10.7 min; English with subtitles)                                                                                                                    Director: Karuna D’Souza

From 14:30 onwards                                                                                                                                                                   Theme: Water

Deluge  (7.36 min; English subtitles; 2D Animation)                                                                                                 Director: Delwyn Jude Remedios


Ganpati Bappa Moraya! (8.33 min; Marathi with subtitles)                                                                                           Director: Dr. Mayuri Panse


The Miracle Water Village (12 min; Marathi/English with English subtitles)                                                            Directors: Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh


The Land of Vanishing Lakes (India; 20.59 min; English subtitles)                                                                                 Director: Ishani K. Dutta


Reviving Faith, PSBT (57 min; English with subtitles)                                                                                                             Director: Rishu Nigam


At 17.00

Discussion on Is Environment Education Still Confined to Moral Relativism?


From 18:30

Bridging the Gap (Netherlands; 95 min; English subtitles)                                                                                        Director: Corinne Van Egeraat & Katja Draaijer


4 Elements (Netherlands; 95 min; English subtitles)                                                                                                                   Director: Jiska Rickels


Sunday 5 


Festival ■ Auditorium from 9:30 onwards

Quotes from the Earth: The Environment Film Festival 2010: For Ecological Citizenship


Theme: Wildlife

Tiger Queen (India; 112 min; English subtitles)                                                                                                                   Director & Cinematographer:  S. Nallamuthu


On the Right Track (24 min; English subtitles)                                                                                                                    Director: Rita Banerjee


Diminishing Resources (India; 15 min; English with subtitles)                                                                                  Directors: Himanshu Malhotra and Sabina Kidwai


The Asiatic Lion – On a Roll Call (India; 35 min; English subtitles)                                                                                      Director: Praveen Singh


Kekexili (Mountain Patrol/China; 85 min; English subtitles)                                                                        

Director: Lu Chuan


14.00 onwards                                                                                                                                                                       Theme: Sustainability

Cowboys in India (UK; 76 min; English subtitles)                                                                                                                Director: Simon Chambers


The Latent City (India; 56 min; English subtitles)                                                                                            

Director: Krishnendu Bose


At 16.30

Discussion on Politics of the Environment: Blame it or own it?


From 18:00 onwards

Iron is Hot (35 min; English with subtitles)                                                                                                                            Directors: Meghnath and Biju Toppo


The 4th Revolution: Energy Autonomy (Germany; 83 min; English & with subtitles)        

Director: Carl A. Frechner


Invisible (UK; 63 min; English subtitles)                                                                                                                            Director: Roz Mortimer


Peepli Live (India; 104 min; English subtitles)                                                                                                                    Directors: Anusha Rizvi and Mahmood Farooqui


Saturday 4


Performance ■ Annexe Auditorium  at  18:30

Hindustani Flute Recital 

By Abhiram Nanda from Bhubaneswar, disciple of Pt. Hari Prasad Chaurasia


Monday 6 & Tuesday 7


Play  ■ Auditorium at 18:30

Everything Personal

Play  by Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay

Presented by Yatrik – with Sunit Tandon, Sinia Dugal and Ramesh Thakur


Directed by Bhaskar Ghose


Thursday  9 – 15 December


Exhibition  Art Gallery (Annexe) 11:00 – 19:00

Glimpses of Ladakh

An exhibition of photographs for Ladakh

Works by Vaibhav Mehta; Madhu Reddy; Kiran Rao; Madhukar B. Raju; Neeta Shanker; Jagaadish R.; Aditya Mukherjee; Faizal Khan; Ritwik Sauntra; Vishal Kapse and Catherine Kirchman


Opening on Wednesday, 8 December at 18:30


(Collaboration: and


Thursday 9


Talk  ■ Auditorium at 16:30

Holistic Approach to Managing Diabetic Retinal Blindness

Speaker: Dr Atul Kumar, Professor in Ophthalmology, AIIMS


Chair: Dr Ranjit Roy Chaudhury


Performance  ■ Auditorium at 19:00

Kuchipudi Recital - Duet  

By senior artist, Vyjayanthi Kashi and her daughter & disciple Prateksha Kashi from Bangalore


Friday 10


Talk  ■ Annexe Auditorium at 18:30

EUNIC Lecture Series


Poor Like a Cat Living at the Coliseum: Reflections on Pier Paolo Pasolini and the City

Illustrated lecture by Maria Carla Battelli, Visiting Lecturer of Italian at the University of Delhi


(Collaboration: Italian Embassy Cultural Centre)


Monday 13


Performance  ■ Auditorium at 18:30

Avadhi Lok Geet

By Usha Srivastava from Lucknow, disciple of Guru Smt Ajita Srivastava


Tuesday 14


Talk  ■ Annexe Auditorium at 18:30

Forgotten Songs of IPTA of the 1940s and 1950s

An Illustrated talk with music by Sumangala Damodaran


Tuesday 14


Play  ■ Auditorium at 10:00, 14:00 & 18:30

Bhasmasur (Hindi; 40 mins)

Director: Imran Khan

With Imran Khan, Narendra Kumar and Sandeep Salaria


Based on a Puranic tale, this non-verbal play recreates the story of demon Vasmasur who pleases Lord Shiva to acquire the power to destroy anyone with the gesture of placing his hand on any individual’s head


(Collaboration: ASSITEJ  India)


Wednesday 15


Performance ■ Auditorium at 18:30

Chopin-Liszt Concert

By Adrienne Hauser, eminent and internationally acclaimed pianist from Hungary


(Collaboration: Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre; Embassy of Poland and Delhi Music Society)


Wednesday 15


Talk ■ Conference Room – I  at 18:30

Rāma, the Lover: Agradās and the Rām-rasik Tradition

Speaker: Mr. Patton Burchett from Department  of Religion, Columbia University, New York


Chair: Dr. Molly Kaushal, Professor, Janapada Sampada, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (IGNCA)


(Collaboration: American Institute of Indian Studies)


Thursday 16


Performance ■ Annexe Auditorium at 18.30

Christmas Carols

An evening of Christmas music presented by The Canticle Choir

Conductor: Pramod Kingston

Guitar: Joseph Kennedy Emmanuel


Sopranos:  Amy Carolyn; Beula Francis; Lavina Dutta Nag; Mercy Mirabel Nimal; Susan Pope; C. Roseline; and Maria Gabriel

Altos: Vanaja Gabriel & Valentina Muthumani

Tenors: Nelson David; Francis K. & Vivek Santram

Bass: Simon, Richard Muthumani; & Wilson Samuel


Friday 17


Poetry ■ Private Dining Room from 17:00 to 19:00

The Poems I Like

Shri Vishnu Nagar, poet and satirist


Chair: Shri Leeladhar Mandloi, poet and critic


(Collaboration: Indian Society of Authors)


Saturday 18


Films ■ Auditorium  at 18:30

Films on Wildlife

Our Beautiful Planet (120 min; dvd ; English)

Broadcasting organisations from Asia, Europe, North America and Australia join forces to produce global environmental crises and global initiatives needed to solve crisis

A film by Centre for Science and Environment


(Collaboration: World Wide Fund for Nature-India)


Talk ■Conference Room II at 18:30


IHU 50th Anniversary Lecture

A Humanist Message in Three Episodes

Speaker: Prof Peter Ronald D’ Souza, Director, Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Shimla


(Collaboration: Indian Humanist Union)


Monday 19 – 24 December


Exhibition  Art Gallery (Annexe) 11:00 – 19:00

Cats on Canvas

An exhibition of paintings in oil and mixed-media on canvas

By Radhika Doraiswamy


Opening on Saturday, 18 December  at 18:30


Tuesday 21


Talk ■ Auditorium  at 18:30

Sir Bernard Feilden Lecture 2010

Conservation of Temples: Traditional and Modern

Speaker: Dr. M. Nagaswamy


(Collaboration: INTACH)






Wednesday 22


Talk ■ Conference Room - II  at 18:30

Ear Acupuncture: An Innovative Diagnostic and Therapeutic  System

Speaker: Dr. Vidal Pascal, specialist in acupuncture, rural medicine and homoeopathy based in Paris; President, International College of Auriculomedicine and Auriculotherapy Review (ICAMAR)


(Collaboration: IIC-Asia Project)


Thursday 23


Talk ■ Conference Room - II  at 18:30

Taijiquan: A Way of Self-Transformation

Speaker: Dr. Venessa Vidal, Teacher in Energetic and Body Arts; President and Founder of Somatic (Scientific Organisation on Medical Application and Therapeutic Investigation of Chi) based in Paris


Chair: Dr Kapila Vatsyayan, MP


(Collaboration: IIC-Asia Project)


Thursday  23


Performance ■ Annexe Auditorium  at 18:30

Music Appreciation Promotion


An Overview of Christmas Music as it has Evolved over the Past 2000 Years

An Illustrated presentation by Dr Punita Singh, musicologist and author


Tuesday  28


Performance ■ Auditorium  at 18:30

Kathak Recital

by Pallabi De from Delhi, disciple of Smt Kanan Sen and Pt Birju Maharaj


(Collaboration: Seher)


Wednesday  29


Performance ■ Auditorium  at 18:30

Communalism in India

Film: Gender Codes of Conduct in Religion

Produced by Doordarshan

Interactive Session

Panelists: Ms. Seema Mustafa; Ms. Madhu Kishwar; Dr. Syeda Hemeed and Dr. Upendra Baxi


Play: Ek Aur Sacch

Director: Aziz Quraishi


(Collaboration: IPTA)