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Isn't a Cultural Renaissance long overdue in India?

Ever since I got involved in theatre, decades ago, I have been dreaming of an Indian Cultural Renaissance. Hoping it would happen during my lifetime. We have had occasional outbursts of energy -  false alarms I would say - but then things died down again. Thus when I was invited to attend a seminar on the subject I attended it enthusiastically, hoping to meet some more hopelessly optimistic individuals like myself. Most appropriately so since the event took place close to Indian Independence. We are pleased to present a special issue on the seminar on ARTS AND CULTURE FOR INDIAN RESURGENCE held at IIC, on August 1, 2 and 3, 2008.

This issue StageBuzz is literally bursting at seams with content. One is pleased to welcome many new contributors, some of them might even metamorphose into columnists. Dr. Bharat Gupt, a highly renowned expert on Indian culture and a former colleague who was also, like me, a visiting faculty at the National School of Drama. You will not find a more knowledgable expert in this field. Dr. Gupt was the Director of the seminar on ARTS AND CULTURE FOR INDIAN RESURGENCE. Anisha Mukherjee, Sharon Lowen and Perminder Singh were also a part of the Seminar and are well known proponents of Indian Culture.  Dr Chetan Pandit, I have known for years, an engineer with a flair for music, has given his first piece on the subject. We are also looking forward to next week when Krishan Tyagi, a former BBC Correspondent gives the NRI View from London. You can read more about the in the About Us section of this E-Zine. Our Featured Poet this time is Shumita Didi. You have read her poems earlier, this time we bring you two more of her poems. Featured before in  'Book Marks'  veteran Journalist N.V. Subramaniam's first Novel - University of Love. we feature  his  second novel, Courtesan of Storms. We are also proud to present yet another first - a special page on events at The Epicenter, Gurgaon  

Manohar Khushalani

1st September, 2008



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