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According to the US Census Bureau, the Indian population in the US has recorded a phenomenal growth of 105.87 percent in the past decade, the highest among all Asian origin groups. From 1990 to 2000 the Asian Indian population increase was more than that of either of the Chinese, Filipinos, Japanese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis or Sri Lankans. 16.2% of all Asians are Asian Indians. With this astounding escalation, the Indian population has risen to become the third largest Asian American group in the US behind the Chinese and the Filipinos. Indians had the second largest percentage (71.4) of the populace between the ages of 16 and 64 than any other Asian group. 24.6% of all Asian Indians in America are natural born citizens, compared to 31.1% of all
Asians in general. Of the total population, 88.9% are natural citizens.

In year 2000, out of the total U.S. population, 9.8% spoke a language other than English at home, but also spoke English “very well,” whereas 57.6% of Indian Asians spoke another language at home, and spoke English “very well”

Out of the Indians in USA, 30% are in Professional Jobs having an Avg. Annual Household Income of $88,000, 57% are Graduates and 69 % are Internet Savvy. Compare these figure with those of the average Americans, of whom 13% are in Professional Jobs, having an Avg. Annual Household Income of $51,000, 20% are Graduates and 43% are Internet Savvy. 50% of H-1B visas issued each year go to Indians. According to the Center for Immigration Studies, Washington DC, the US consulate in Chennai issues the highest number of visas anywhere in the world.

Obviously Indians are successful in USA, that is why they are making a beeline for it. Most middle class Indians have at least one relative in USA who is contributing both to the American progress and sending remittances to their kin in India. All those Indians, in fact all of us, have a stake in at least a people to people Indo American friendship. With a shrinking globe more Americans are taking up Yoga and eating Indian Curries just as more and more Indians are learning Salsa and Jazz and eating Hot Dogs and Burgers.

Can Cultural Historians ignore the impact of American Pop Art, Broadway (and off Broadway) Theatre and Hollywood Cinema on the International world culture? It is in recognition of this that we introduce the American Cultural Center Page in which we will list all the events in our event calendar section along with a Hollywood Diary written by our new columnist Naveen Gupta. You will also see other pages that have been added from this issue – Poetry, Humour, Prose, Books. This explosive expansion has only become possible because of the increasing popularity of our Ezine, More and more writers are coming forward to unleash their creativity and celebrate culture. Ours is perhaps the only Ezine which covers documentary cinema as well.

In this issue we inaugurate the Poetry Page with Poems by the highly talented award winning poet and academician, Dr. Savita Singh.  On 28th April there was an amazing event at the India International Center, it was attended by some of the most highbrow intellectuals and littérateurs  of the city - even poet  Gulzar was there. Sukrita and Savita Singh read out from their volume of poetry Saath Chalte Hue /Rowing Together which is a novel collaboration of two poets who are more comfortable in two different languages. It featured Sukrita’s English poems and Savita Singh’s Hindi poems along with translations of each other’s poems. Thus a reader could enjoy poetry in either of the two languages. In our new Book section,   Rachna Seth, a Lecturer in the Department of English, University of Delhi has reviewed this book. Recently I was filling up a questionnaire from the American Center, wherein they asked that; if they produced material in an Indian Language would I still be interested in receiving information in FEnglish. This set me thinking, because it implied that English was not an Indian language, I wondered because I thought otherwise. The poetry reading session sealed the whole matter in my mind, trends in literature are increasingly pointing to new English besides the American and the British – Indian English!

 In the Prose Section Joya John produces an interesting essay about Acoustics spaces of a Delhi Neighborhood. Lastly I am personally happy to present a robot series of my old cartoons - 'Jest a Minute' under the pen name Khush. Hopefully I shall start drawing all over again. One is feeling so inspired.

Manohar Khushalani

1st May, 2008

Footnote: India Habitat Center Page added on 8th May, 2008

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