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What's New in StageBuzz

What you have in your hands (oops! sorry! on your monitors) is a special filmy issue of the E-Zine:, so much so that even the play discussed in the curtain raiser has film and TV actors in it. This is the first time since the fortnightly's inception, in mid January this year, that one has dared to address the readers from ‘the desk’. One was waiting for the E-zine to get into some shape before venturing to do so. Now we can be really happy that we are getting somewhere. One started off as the sole contributor. We now have an ever growing battery of writers of national and international repute. In this issue I am happy to welcome B.B. Nagpal a reputed Film Critic and a former Bureau Chief of India’s premier News Agency UNI. In addition we have a young pediatrician from Udaipur, Dr. Ravi Bhatia, who is also a quiz master who appeared on the BBC Mastermind program as a competitor. You can know more about them and our other critics by clicking on the about us button


Considering that one has more experience as a cultural columnist of the print media, one tends to compose the pages in that fashion and one can say that the format has been well received. A magazine evolves as it grows in an organic fashion. Every fortnight we have been adding goodies: free listing of theatre groups, free advertisements for non commercial performances and online forums on performing arts and cinema for interactions, info exchange and feedbacks. You are invited to register through the sign up button and take part in the stagebuzz groups at Yahoo or Google. In addition, the archival section is getting more organised and I promise to add to the repository from my innumerable past writings on arts.


This week we give you a brand new feature an event calendar. You are invited to inform us of any events that you are planning. Tell us after you have firmed up. Although the events are presently Delhi-centric, we hope to include other towns once we get people to volunteer to run the Google calendars from their respective stations. Send us a small write up on your forthcoming performance, the venue, the date and time or info about your group and we will try to include it in the fortnightly. One more feature we are adding: A listing of performance spaces and cultural centers of NCR. There are a lot of unutilised or under utilised auditoriums, amphitheatres, institutional and community performance spaces. If you know of any, then let us know we will be happy to include them in our list. When you send us the information please include the details of infrastructure available, the seating capacity along with the contact info.


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