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The Global Battle for Vanishing Oil Resources

by Dilip Hiro

Published January 2008 by

Methuen Publishing | Westminster Bookshop


Flexiback £12.99.


Available online

UK Edition: Westminster Bookshop
US Edition:


Blood of the Earth by Dilip Hiro

This  'Book Marks' has been sent to us by the Author Himself. Stagebuzz had presented a Public Reading of Dilip Hiro's play 'To Anchor a Cloud' We present below what the critics have been saying about Dilip's book  


“The best basic text on energy, and compulsory reading for all of us interested in India ’s
long-term security interests… Hiro’s research is that of an academic but his writing is that of a
journalist.” Talmiz Ahmad, Outlook

“Dilip Hiro’s research is impressive, and he writes a racy narrative spanning decades and
continents. The chronology …itself is a “must-read” for getting a periscopic view of the history of
oil business. He…helpfully explains the basics of petroleum technology and the geo-politics of
oil.” Subir Raha, ex-Chairman ONGC Group, Business Standard

“A grand narrative of the history of the Age of Oil and its imminent demise that has triggered a
global search for alternatives to hydrocarbons.” N. Chandra Mohan, Hindustan Times

“A fascinating account, lucidly written…describes the geopolitical history of oil, provides a brief
technical background and discusses future alternatives… I strongly recommend the book to
anyone interested in knowing about oil and its geopolitics.”

[34 words] Kirit S. Parikh, India Today

“Hiro uses his expertise to weave a splendid story about the Age of Oil… He makes the story
captivating with fascinating anecdotes and insightful narratives along with a chronology, rendering
it an invaluable source book on oil.” [37 words] Anoop Babani, Business India

“An engaging and thought-provoking account of the world’s petroleum geopolitics.” Gautam
Mukherjee, The Pioneer

“With stacks of books to his credit… Hiro’s writing assumes significance for the geopolitical
context of the narrative. As a refresher reading on oil, it serves a clear purpose.” Aresh Shirali,
Financial Express

“Read this book to learn why the US invaded the oil-rich country [of Iraq ].”

Darryl D’Monte, Time Out Mumbai

“What sets this book apart from others is that it has attempted to analyse the oil crisis from all
possible angles…The author has used several techniques at his disposal to convey the message
– analysis, research, reportage and story-telling. This makes it easy reading.” Dinesh C.
Sharma, Mail Today

“Hiro’s book is a must read. [It] is full of details and drama as if the narrator had personally
witnessed the unfolding of the events…Hiro uses his wealth of knowledge collected from
extensive travel and interactions…The author spells out the A to Z of the petroleum alphabet to
prepare you to imagine what life would be without oil. He uses his journalistic experience to bind
the technical aspects of oil with the current events to keep readers glued to the book.” [81 words]
M. Rajendran, Businessworld



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About the author:


Dilip Hiro was born in the Indian subcontinent, and educated in India, Britain and the United States, where he received a Master’s degree. He then settled in Britain in the mid-1960s, and became a full-time writer, journalist and broadcaster. He has published 30 books and contributed to 16 more.



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