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My Indian Kitchen
Review by

Radha Rayasam



My Indian Kitchen


Hari Nayak

Hari Nayak is a celebrity chef based in New York who has a degree in Hotel & Hospitality Management from Manipal, India. He graduated as an honor student from the Culinary Institute of America in 1998. He apprenticed under the famed Chef Daniel and Chef Alain Ducasse. He has been a consulting chef for world class restaurants like “Soul and Spice” in Kuwait and “Orissa” in Dobbsferry, New York. Hari Nayak has been featured in magazines and periodicals like Restaurant News, The New York Times, India Times, Hello Magazine, Travel and Leisure, and on many food blogs as well. He has appeared on ABC News and other popular TV channels. HariNayak pioneered the first Ice Cream Patisserie ‘Halo Fete’ which opened in Spring of ’05 in Princeton, New Jersey. He has sixteen years of diverse industry experience in pastry shops, restaurants, hotels and kitchen management. All of his books have been received very well starting with his first book, “Spice.” His second book which he co-authored with Master Chef VikasKhanna is titled “Modern Indian Cooking” which was featured among LA best sellers. His latest book is ”My Indian Kitchen: Preparing Delicious Indian Meals without fear or fuss.”


The book has been very beautifully illustrated. They are hard bound and filled with glossy pages, beautiful pictures, and are just perfect to be set on the coffee table. They’d be perfect gifts for Christmas or any other occassion. “My Indian Kitchen” is a practical and useful book for everyday Indian cooking. The author suggests which dish goes very well with what and hence takes out most of the guess work. With a little advanced preparation, a variety of meals can be served for weeks to come without ever getting repetitive or boring. The flavor of one dish is totally different from the flavor of the others thus enticing. The book truly is what is says, preparing delicious Indian meals without fear or fuss. Would I recommend you to buy? Absolutely YES! It’s worth all the time and investment. Your meals will be Quick, Easy, and seriously flavorful! So get ready to sit back and enjoy the complements. Nobody ever has to know source!

Above: Radha Rayasam : Book Reviewer