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SUMI – Reflections of the Eastern Spirit
A Group Show of Four Women Artists

Aruna Vasudeva, Mun Jang Hee, Shobha Juneja & Yuriko Ando Lochan

Curtain Raiser

B.B. Nagpal

The Gallery Ensign

New Delhi 2nd DecemberGallery Ensign presents a group show of four women artists titled ‘SUMI – Reflections of the Eastern Spirit’,at Gallery Ensign, B-17, Geetanjali Enclave, New Delhi – 110017, from 4th till 15th December 2010. However, the opening preview will be on 3rd December, 7 pm onwards

Says Seema Subbanna, Director, Gallery Ensign: “Sumi-E style of painting is an art form which is more than a thousand years old. It requires a lot of skill to present the object of art, in the fewest possible strokes. One cannot handle this medium without a lot of practice, as just a few strokes and the painting is complete. I find the whole process extremely fascinating; all the participating artists have been practicing this art form for a long time and with a lot of passion. It’s a pleasure to present their show at our gallery premises.”

Zen priests had introduced ink painting called SUMI-E, which has been described as painting by spontaneous inspiration. The paper is fragile, the brush is coarse, and each line made must be final. There is no over-painting, no building up, no planning of the image. It is an attempt to project inner meaning through direct, broad strokes.

The participating artists bring this tedious technique to life through their works. The one common element that binds them together to create an exhibition of artworks driven by dedication and technique is the elements of nature that are reflected in all of their works.

SUMI - Reflections of the Eastern Spirit is an exhibition that explores the invisible expressions of the artist reflected in the visible form. The artists’ quest to approach the theme, which represents the idea is evident in the artworks that imbibe the calm and mystery of nature.Working with this challenging technique, the artists have created works which are nuances of harmony that subtly whisper their language to the onlooker as he passes by.

The exhibition will be inaugurated by H.E. Mr. Hideaki Domichi, Ambassador of Japan to India in the presence of Mr. Satish Gujral and all the participating artists’ on the 3rd December, 7 P.M onwards.

About the artists:

Aruna Vasudev

For four decades Aruna Vasudev has been deeply involved in the world of cinema. Her interest in the visual arts, however, preceded the involvement with cinema. Photography, then painting, continued alongside but receded into the background as the cinema took over. Nevertheless, connections have a way of re-appearing. It was the discovery of Asia and its cinemas that led her into the very East Asian style of painting with an ink-soaked brush.

Mun Jang Hee

Mun Jang Hee has followed Korean and Chinese traditional Painting. The typical brush strokes characteristic of her style are rendered with freedom and confidence. As a Korean living in India, she has absorbed certain vital cultural idioms which are unique to her. Her calm demeanor is reflection of her inner peace that gives her paintings a resonance in tune with her personality.

Shobha Juneja

Shobha Juneja was initiated into the Lingnan School by Hau Chiok and Chiu Hua, S Hau of the Philippine Chinese Art Center in Manila She worked there for six years. The Lingnan School has been characterized by the bold energy and colour of brushwork, applied with a few powerful calligraphic strokes. She has exhibited her works earlier in Manila and recently in Delhi.

Yuriko Ando Lochan

Yuriko Lochan is an artist living in India since 1987. Her works are reflection of her life in India and India as the source of human culture, and her origin- Japanese sensibilities. This group exhibition is the result of her effort to introduce this medium of art which is little known to this country which can offer fine insight towards the meanings of visual art, which she believes