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Scenes from 'Bedroom stories



Lights Off Production staged two plays, “Bedtime Stories” and “Seduction” , at Chowdiah Memorial Hall, here in Bangalore.

In Priyanka Dasgupta’s words, “Lights Off Productions was started two years ago, by a group of young, slightly bored but enterprising individuals with a love for theatre. It has come a long way since then, with several theatre productions and awards to its credit.”

It has produced 5 plays till date, namely “A SLIP IN TIME”, “THE MAN UPSTAIRS”, “HERE COMES THE BRIDE”, “THE FIRST AND THE LAST", “IT’S JUST US".

BEDTIME STORIES is a play about the modern couple of India and deals with the different sexual quotients and intimacy in relationships. It is an original play written by Priyanka Dasgupta and directed by Siddhanth K.S. It charts a couple’s (played by Siddhanth and Priyanka themselves) relationship through three different phases.

Shwana and Umang play the ever youthful and clumsy teenage couple in school who are coming to terms with their new found love for each other. The playwright has done such a great job with dialogues that it brings out the typical ‘young couple in a park’ scene in an absolutely non-cheeky manner. Also, an impeccable performance by both Shwana and Umang brings a smile on your face as you reminisce about your first love.

In fact, the free flowing dialogues and the consequent coordination between each of the couples are consistent throughout the performance. It is sheer joy to watch the newly married couple (played by Siddharth and Kshema) struggling to keep their hands off each other. Sanjeev & Mukta play the role of the pair that has started to drift apart.

A few more things to look out for: An original song by “Soul Curry” at the beginning and What Goes Around Comes Around at the end of the play; and good lighting.

Anton Chekov’s SEDUCTION describes a man's obsession with married women and how he conspires and succeeds in making them fall in love with him. The play has been directed by Raghav Bhotika.

Siddharth Uchill is convincing in his portrayal of a seasoned seducer. Good performances notwithstanding, the scenes are marred by abrupt transitions and movement of actors in the shadows. Also, the character of the husband is unbelievably naïve.

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