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Mrinal Sen & Pete Lacaba to Receive Lifetime Achievement Award at 10th Osian’s-Cinefan Film Festival


13 May 2008:


Osian’s-Cinefan Festival of Asian and Arab Cinema today announced the winners of the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Awards. The Osian’s Lifetime Achievement Award for Contribution to Cinema, instituted this year is being awarded to eminent film maker Mrinal Sen while the Aruna Vasudev Lifetime Achievement Award for Writing on Cinema will be conferred on Jose "Pete" F. Lacaba. The awards will be presented at the 10th Anniversary of the Film Festival to be held in New Delhi from 10-20 July 2008.  Additionally, a grand curtain raiser to the festival will be held in Mumbai on 13th and 14th June, 2008.


Mrinal Sen is one of India’s most acclaimed filmmakers and a pioneer of the alternative cinema movement. In a prolific career spanning almost five decades, Sen has directed feature films, short films and  documentaries of varying content and cine-aesthetics, his works being permeated by his engagement with social issues and his acute political awareness, always exhibiting a deep analytical mind and humanist ideology. Recipient of the Padma Bhushan, and the Dadasaheb Phalke Award, the highest distinction given to an Indian filmmaker by the Government of India, Mrinal Sen has also been honoured with awards at numerous international film festivals in India and abroad.


Jose F. Lacaba (a.k.a. Pete), poet, journalist, editor, translator, and screenwriter, is a bilingual writer who writes in both English and Filipino. He is the author of six poetry collections in Filipino and a collection of journalistic reportage in English, Days of Disquiet, Nights of Rage. He is also the editor of a number of books, including The Films of ASEAN and Emmanuel Lacaba's Salvaged Poems and Salvaged Prose. He has written the screenplays of award-winning feature films that have been shown at various international film festivals, including Cannes, Venice and Toronto. His screenplay credits include Jaguar, Bayan Ko: Kapit sa Patalim, Orapronobis, Sister Stella L., Eskapo, Segurista and Rizal sa Dapitan. Pete Lacaba is also the recipient of the Centennial Honors for the Arts for his significant contributions to culture and the arts in the twentieth century.


This year Osian’s-Cinefan has announced over Rs. 1 Crore (approx. USD 250, 000) in Prize Money for its Competition Sections and Lifetime Achievement Awards. The winners of the Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented Rs. 8 lakhs (approx. USD 20,000) each. Latika Padgaonkar, Joint Festival Director, Osian’s Cinefan says, “We are delighted to honour two eminent personalities from the world of cinema. Both have contributed in a seminal way to the seventh art and both have placed on their works an individual and creative stamp”.


Osian’s-Cinefan is one of the world’s largest festivals of Contemporary Indian, Asian and Arab Cinema, organized by Osian’s Connoisseurs of Art in association with the Government of the NCT of Delhi. Committed to bringing the finest films from India, Asia and Arab countries it aims to break down artistic hierarchies of the popular and the highbrow to reinvent a thoughtful and creative film culture. While Cinefan began in 1999, as a small festival of Asian Cinema with some 27 films, in 2004, it was acquired by and merged into Osian’s Connoisseurs of Art and became Osian’s-Cinefan. Over the past nine years, it has made remarkable efforts to not only bring excellent films to Indian viewers but also to considerably widen the scope of the event itself. In 2005, Osian’s launched IBM2 – a series of seminars, conferences, exhibitions, auctions and panel discussions to draw attention to the entire cycle of a film’s life. The 5th edition of Talent Campus India organized in collaboration with Berlinale Talent Campus, Berlin International Film Festival and Max Mueller Bhavan, is presently inviting applications from young aspiring filmmakers from India, neighbouring South Asian countries and Iran. 30 young aspiring filmmakers will be invited to New Delhi for a workshop from 13–18 July, 2008 to interact with renowned filmmakers and film professionals from India and abroad.  The deadline for applications is 20th May 2008 and the application form along with other specifications is available on the Osian’s website -


For further details, please contact:

Supriya Chawla       T +91 11  41743166                    F +91 11 41743177                                      E

Swati Lad T +91 22 2288 4046                M +91 98208 57591                                E                                                   







STAGE BUZZ Article creates a stir

Overnight decision to Shift the Bus Rapid Transport  Corridor to the Left

However felling of more trees a matter of grave concern


NEW DELHI 8th May. A TOI report dated 7th May states that  in a virtual admission that the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) corridor between Ambedkar Nagar and Moolchand has left very little space for cars, the government has decided to expand the space to three lanes from two in the stretch beyond Moolchand. And, significantly, there will be no medians to demarcate the lanes. The bus lane will be shifted to the left and painted a particular colour so that other traffic doesn't stray into it. In deference to the media (including StageBuzz) and public pressure the Government has admitted its mistake. (Please read the earlier StageBuzz scoop below that led to the rethink)


However the remedy that is being planned is also dangerous. They are planning to cut the centuries old trees on the Mathura Road stretch near  Sundar Nagar under the guise of giving more space to motorists.


Should one allow any agency to cut trees? Already trees are being cut in the name of development all over Delhi. If it is not BRT then it is Commonwealth Games. Hundreds of trees have been near Gargi College from what was a natural Forest. If you feel strongly about this then write to us at



believe it or Not

Night Show Moviegoers in BRT JAM

Just a Single Car Stalls in the Single Lane BRT Bus Corridor

Creates a Kilometer long Traffic Snarl




NEW DELHI 6th May. It was just a poor old Maruti 800. The car stalled, could not start and within minutes a kilometer long traffic snarl hade been created in the (yet to be inaugurated) BRT corridor on Defence colony Fly over. The car owners, some of whom were trying to make it to the night show, wondered why they had got stuck on a Sunday night when the traffic is supposed to be minimum. Funnily all the traffic lights had in any case been switched off in the already inaugurated part of the BRT corridor- as if lord Yama is also on a holiday on that day and therefore nobody is expected to die. as it is the signalling system is so complicated that even when the lights are working it needs at least 16 Traffic martials on a traffic crossing to manage the traffic. without the lights a lot of innocent people will get knocked off.




Fortunately for all of us it was only a Maruti 800, so some people got together and picked up the maruti and dragged it to one side. Just consider that if it had been a bus in the inaugurated corridor nobody could have moved it. No crane could have entered the corridor unless it had entered in reverse gear from the opposite side. and driven half a kilometer to do so. In any case there are no tow trucks on standby. A disaster is just waiting to happen. Since no further construction of the corridor is envisaged in the near future. Why don't the authorities demolish the road divider athleas after moolchand crossing to begin with. and how about restoring hundreds of trees that were chopped off ruthlessly - especially on the fountain island between Lajpat Nagar and Def Col