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"Knowing For Sure Without Knowing For Certain: How I Make Films


"The fact is, no one really takes documentary films seriously as filmmaking sometimes not even filmmakers themselves," adds Paromita Vohra. "No one writes about it in the film reviews column in the press."    Read More...

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Carlos Saura, Dharmendra, Gulzar, Rishi Kapoor Get LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS at MAMI

BB Nagpal informs that  140 films from 45 countries were showcased. The retrospectives were devoted to films by Andrej Wajda and Ritwik Ghatak.   Read More...

Spanish Director, Carlos Saura, receives Life Time Achievement Award from Shyam Benegal

All Play And No Work

As children, we were warned of the dullness that befalls those who merely work and cut play out of their lives. Keval Arora asks us to ponder over the impoverishment of that poor actor, caught in an apparently opposite predicament: all ready to play but with no work to be had.  Read More...

All in Play

Gates, Walls and the Loss of Common Ground

 Joya John, an English lecturer from DU, warns us of  a world that has become increasingly paranoid about security. Terror is, however, also a ruse by which public space is being taken away from the public.. Read More...


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#7 DATELINE: April 15, 2008

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