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Fourth Asian Women’s Film Festival 2008 showcased “Insights and Aspirations of Women”


Covering a range of genres and expressive styles, Jai Chandiram explains the critical need for a forum that can sustain the form of documentary as well as women’s contribution to it.    Read More...

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'Interpreting  Myth  and  Recreating  New Myths’

Reviewing an Animation film at the 4th Asian Women's IAWRT Festival Divya Raina examines the wonderful world of tales from the Panchatantra which  are open to numerous tellings and retellings.Read More...

The Perfect Match’ by Dhwani Desai

Project Half Widows,

in partnership with IAWRT and APDP


Iffat Fatima explains how half widows in Kashmir, are  living in a state of limbo. Being young and vulnerable they are under the pressure  to stay within the framework of marriage and conform to a marital status, while in reality they are without husbands.  Read More...

Endless Wait

Desire and Repetition: The miniaturisation of the Hindi film song

Shikha Jhingan explains that in recent times, one big change in the structure of the song has been the use of a ‘hook line’. The clever use of which allows the song  to evoke a discernible response from the body. Read More...


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#6 DATELINE: April 1, 2008

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Jai Chandiram

Iffat Fatima

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Bhushan B. Nagpal

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Scene from Shikha Jhingan's  'Born to Sing'


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