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INDIA DOMINATES MIFF - Wins Largest Number   of Awards in the International Category

The large number of viewers that turned up at the Tenth Mumbai International Film Festival for Documentary, Short and Animation Films were enough to prove that the medium has its own niche viewership informs B B Nagpal Senior Film Critic  Read More...


Jodha Akbar - The Film

The scene showing Akbar getting into a trance while listening to mystical music of Sufi dervishes is authentic to the sources and enacted with great felicity, explains Seema Bawa, who analyses this highly controversial film with a historical perspectiveRead More...

Aishwarya in 'Jodha Akbar'

Who’s afraid of the documentary film

It's interesting to note that if this celebration of accessible technology and reduced expenditure were to be taken to a logical conclusion, it is theatre rather than the video film that would shine in an advantageous light. Keval Arora examines activism in both formats  Read More...

Documentary Film Maker

Thadi Times

Ravi Bhatia a foodie doc from Udaipur salivates on Rajasthani Street Snacks. Learn all about life in Armed Forces Medical College, the Thadi and the Tam Bram Read More...


Culture Cocktail: Random Articles

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#5 DATELINE: March 15, 2008

Dr. Reshma

Dr. Ravi Bhatia


Bhushan B. Nagpal

Seema Bawa

Divya Raina

Keval Arora


Manohar Khushalani

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Tea Shop


Kiran Karmarkar, Harsh Chhaya and Lubna Salim star in Salim Arif’s KACHCHE LAMHE at IHC

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