Gajendra Ahire’s Film GULMOHAR as a metaphor

A film review by Asha Bisht

a mass com student from FICT

Sonali Kulkarni and Rajat Kapoor in Gulmohar

 Gulmohar” is  the  story of Vidya from a middle class family ,a simple  teacher who works hard to make two ends meet. Her husband, Deven, a very talented theatre artist, finds himself out of step, unable to  compromise with changing  theater trends. Bhagwaan is Vidya’s student who with the support of a political party fights against reservations. Sonali Kulkarni was playing the role of Vidya and Rajit Kapoor was playing the role of Deven. Vidya persuades Bhagwaan to get into serious studies and helps him in getting admission in JNU from where he completes his PhD.  Vidya’s mentoring and interest in Bhagwaan is misunderstood both by her husband and her colleagues. Devan in anger and  frustration has a big fight with Vidya  and Vidya leaves the house.  As she had no place to live she goes to stay with Bhagwaan. This move opens  up society’s hatred and forces Vidya to take shelter  in her sister’s house . Bhagwaan  graduates as a doctor and  makes a search for Vidya. Not finding Vidya in her home he discovers  that Vidya was thrown out from the college and  she had  started teaching children  under a Gulmohar tree. Devan apologies to her but Vidya cherishes her new independence.


This film is directed by Gajendra Ahire.  He symbolizes Gulmohar with Vidya.  The metaphor of the Gulmohar tree which flowers in extreme heat is appropriate for Vidya as it establishes her blossoming in the heat of society’s rejection .  In the film Ahire also puts stress on the fact that it is not necessary that there should be a “relationship” between a man and a woman living in a society. He values friendship, mentoring and the mother child relationship and lifts the relationship from the common perception that all relationships between men and women are sexual .


This movie is inspirational for me and in my opinion delivers a message of strength of an independent woman who survives the harshness of society and gets the respect she deserves.


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